NFC Tags


Easy access to your services

Design to enhance your services visibility

Allow your clients to access your progressive app from any micro-location and receive service requests in real-time on the wrist of your staff.

Touch to Connect

Allow your customers to interact in real time with your staff and access your services, promotions and menus.

Reduced Physical Contact

NFC tags help minimize physical contact with shared surfaces, enhancing hygiene and safety measures in hotels and restaurants.

Operational Efficiency

NFC Tags not only cuts down on operational costs but also allows for real-time updates to menus and services.

Get Your Own Progressive Apps

Set up independent apps by the venue with fully flexible configuration. Quick and easy.

Enhanced Customer Experience

NFC tags provide a seamless and efficient way for guests to access services. By simply tapping their smartphone against the NFC tag, customers can quickly view menus, place orders, and call for staff assistance, leading to a more streamlined and satisfying dining experience.

Reduced Wait Times and Improved Efficiency

With NFC technology, the need for traditional menu browsing and waiter assistance for orders is significantly reduced. This speeds up the ordering process, decreases wait times for customers, and allows staff to focus on prompt service and quality customer interaction.

Eco-friendly and Cost-effective

Using NFC tags for digital menus and ordering systems reduces the need for printed materials, contributing to environmental sustainability. Additionally, it offers cost savings for the business by minimizing the need for printed menu updates and reducing staff workload, allowing for more efficient resource allocation.

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Insights & Analytics

Apgile produces advanced analytics on your teams’ service and customer requests, facilitating powerful insights and data to create predictive models that help to identify and prevent complaints. Apgile also produces analytics on micro-locations, promotions & ads, and order items.

Staff Analytics

With Apgile technology, you can monitor different teams' and staff's performance and generate powerful insights.

Micro-locations Analytics

Apgile allows you to obtain information about micro-locations usage to plan the staff and optimize performance.

Order Items Analytics

With Apgile you can generate analytics on the order items' performance and their interaction with micro-locations.

Promotions & Ads Analytics

Apgile can evaluate the effectiveness of your promotions and their acceptance in micro-locations.

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Built to boost your customers' experience

Customizable built-in features that allow you to boost your customer service .

Virtual Buttons & Apps

Customizable Service Buttons. Customer's Text Messages. Customizable Apps & Landing Pages. Customizable Areas and Venues. Ordering Identification. Customizable micro-locations reservations. Promotions & Pictures. Custom Links to Business Pages. Custom Links to Social Media.

Cutting Edge Smartwatches

Real-Time Alerts. Multi-User Devices. Expired Requests Escalation. Manager's Alerts. Auto Redirected Requests. Team Monitoring & Activity. Customers & Staff Notifications. Customerss Name Identification. WiFi & 4g Smart Watches.

Advanced Analytics

Real Time Analytics. Historical Data. Micro-locations Performance Analytics. Venue Analytics. Area/Section Analytics. Order Items Analytics Staff Analytics Promotions Analytics. API Data Access.