Real-Time Technology Where Customer Service Matters.

Customer Service unlike anything you've ever experienced

With Apgile, you can receive customers' service requests, send, receive and escalate alerts, and monitor different teams' performance in real-time to improve service and customer experience from your wrist, helping to identify and prevent complaints.

Real-Time Service Requests

Apgile allows customers and users to request service remotely with real-time notifications to staff.

Real-Time Customer Identification

Quickly identify each micro-location without a range restriction. Even worldwide.

Real-Time Data & Analytics

Advanced analytics on your teams' service and customers' requests. Powerful insights to improve service.

A powerful tool at yours team's wrist

Apgile technology is based on QR Codes and IoT devices to process customers' service requests.

Real Time Requests

Depending on the micro-locations, customers can call for service through QR codes and/or physical buttons.

Unlimited Range

Our WiFi & LTE technology allow users to make service requests with no range limitation, even worldwide.

Requests Status List

Apgile cycle allows tracking customer requests through their different statuses, generating unique data.

Requests Escalation

Requests from customers can be redirected to alternative staff and escalated when unattended.

Internal Communication

Communicate with your staff from internal venues and expedite customer service.

Configurable Cycle

Set up the request cycle from complete to quick to fit the best option for your team.

Much more than a landing page

Set up your progressive app to be easily reachable from the QR Codes.
Include promotions, ordering, customer IDs, multi-call buttons, and much more.

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IoT devices

Extended Features

Apgile can combine technology based on QR Codes and IoT technology to process customer requests.

Easily Customizable

Customize your IoT devices with specific messages for the staff and make real-time service requests.

Multi Network

Apgile can work on Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, Wifi, and Radio Frequency Technology.

Exquisite Design

Apgile IoT-compatible devices have been created to provide the best and most attractive designs.

Fully Customizable

With Apgile multi-button technology and customizable messages, IoT can deliver excellence to any service.

Unlimited Range

Working with LoraWAN, Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, Wifi, and Radio Frequency technologies, Apgile has no range limitation. Even worldwide.

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NFC Tags

Easy & Durable

Enable effortless and swift app access for your customers by simply tapping their mobile devices on our NFC tags.

Indoors & Outdoors

Made of waterproof PVC material, the NFC cards can be placed outdoors without the risk of losing functionality.


Incorporate QR Codes, logos, and your brand to significantly enhance visibility and maximize exposure to your clients.

Compatible with all NFC Enabled Smartphone

The NFC Cards offer universal compatibility, functioning with any iOS or Android smartphone equipped with NFC technology, ensuring a wide range of usability and accessibility.


NFC cards can effortlessly guide your customers to a variety of services, products, promotions, and more, enhancing their experience quickly and conveniently.

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Customization Dashboard

Apgile's flexibility allows it to adapt to any venue, offering multiple configuration options that are easy to setup.

Staff & Teams Analytics

Apgile produces advanced analytics on your teams’ service and requests, facilitating powerful insights.

Micro-locations Analytics

Apgile produces advanced analytics on your micro-locations, allowing you to improve their performance.

Promotions & Ads Analytics

Apgile produces advanced analytics on venue promotions and advertisements, allowing for an increase in revenue.

Use cases


Providing good service in beach areas is complicated. Apgile allows customers to request assistance from staff or order directly without moving or waiting for long periods of time.

teeing off with golf club and golf ball

Golf courses present a great challenge to provide quality customer service. Apgile facilitates product availability on demand, providing a great customer experience.


Apgile facilitates assistance in health care services. Apgile allows patient calls to be notified and received in real-time by assigned staff in a decentralized manner.


In stores, Apgile allows to improve customer service by allowing customers to call the staff when necessary.


Privacy and fast service are essential for any restaurant. Apgile provides what your
business needs to improve service, reduce costs and boost revenue.


Cruise ships have a very particular service and customer experience environment. Apgile allows to streamline customer service and serve remote areas with little staff.

A wide angle view of an organised and tidy classroom in a school in Hexham in the North East of England

Apgile IoT devices provide a fast and efficient way to communicate any security incident to staff in real time.


Clients holding meetings or conferences can alert staff when necessary. Apgile streamlines attention and service with minimal disruption.


Apgile allows improving room service, especially with a reduced staff. Apdroit generates calls that the staff receives in real-time.


Casinos have multiple locations to serve and with different purposes. Apgile allows you to provide a fast and efficient service with less staff while reducing the service time.

A close up of an unrecognisable woman handing her car keys over to the hotel concierge.

Apgile is the perfect solution to improve valet parking operations, reduce waiting times and expedite deliveries.


Stadiums and Arenas represent an excellent opportunity to increase revenue. In general and VIP areas, Apgile facilitates the service where and when requested.

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