IoT Technology To Enhance Your Customer Service

Service requests from anywhere just with one click

Allow your clients to request customized service from any micro-location with Apgile's IoT customizable devices, and receive service requests in real-time on your staff wrist.

Configurable IoT Buttons

Set up the best configuration that fits each venue, including ordering, promotions, and reservations.

Optimize Teams

Receive requests on your staff's smartwatches. Reduce idle time, improve average service time and escalate unfilled requests.

Reduce Operations Costs

Optimize teams' size and minimize attendance stress on overload staff. Increase your venues' revenue with lower operating costs.


Apgile IoT is simple to configure, maintain and modify, creating specific apps for each situation and venue.


Apgile IoT helps maintain your staff's efficiency and performance while improving service quality and speed.


Apgile IoT flexibility allows it to adapt to any venue and environment, improving the customer experience.

Get the correct devices for your venues

Get requests in real-time from any close or remote location.

Custom Call Buttons

Customize your IoT buttons to serve specific requests adapted to each venue or micro-location.

Latest Technology

You can attend any remote location in real-time with Apgile IoT Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, and Wifi technology.

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Insights & Analytics

Apgile produces advanced analytics on your teams’ service and customer requests, facilitating powerful insights and data to create predictive models that help to identify and prevent complaints. Apgile also produces analytics on micro-locations, promotions & ads, and order items.

Staff Analytics

With Apgile IoT technology, you can monitor different teams' and staff's performance and generate powerful insights.

Micro-locations Analytics

Apgile IoT allows you to obtain information about micro-locations usage to plan the staff and optimize performance.

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Built to boost your customers' experience

Customizable built-in features that allow you to boost your customer service .

IoT Buttons & Devices

Customizable Button. Customizable Text Messages. Multi-Buttons Service. Customizable Areas and Venues. Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE, and Wifi Technology. Quick & Easy Installation. External Wifi Signal Available. Geo-Fenced Protected.

Cutting Edge Smartwatches

Real-Time Alerts. Multi-User Devices. Expired Requests Escalation. Manager's Alerts. Auto Redirected Requests. Team Monitoring & Activity. Customers & Staff Notifications. WiFi & 4g Smart Watches.

Advanced Analytics

Real Time Analytics. Historical Data. Performance Analytics. Venue Analytics. Location Analytics. Area/Section Analytics. Staff Analytics API Access.