Delete WearOS Data

Apgile WearOS App Data Deletion Policy


At Apgile, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our users’ data, especially given the unique nature of our service which caters to staff members of various organizations such as companies, hotels, and resorts. This policy outlines the process for the deletion of user data within our WearOS application, ensuring transparency and control for our users over their personal information.

User Data and Account Creation

It is important to note that user accounts on Apgile cannot be created by the users themselves. Instead, accounts are created by managers who then provide their staff with a user code to log in on their WearOS watch. These watches are provided by the manager, and no personal data is stored in the system to facilitate logging in. The watch exclusively stores information related to staff activity.

Data Deletion Request Process

  1. Initiating a Request: If a user wishes to delete their data stored on the Apgile app, the first step is to directly request this from their manager. Users should provide clear information about their data deletion request to ensure a smooth process.
  2. Manager’s Role: Upon receiving a data deletion request, the manager is responsible for initiating this process on behalf of the user. The manager must access the Apgile management portal, navigate to the user management section, and select the option to delete the user’s data.
  3. Confirmation and Completion: After the manager initiates the data deletion process, a confirmation will be sent to both the manager and the user (if possible) that the data deletion request is being processed. The actual deletion of data will be completed within a stipulated time frame as per our system’s operational capabilities.

Automatic Data Deletion

In addition to manual deletion requests, Apgile implements an automatic data deletion policy. Any user data linked to inactivity for a period of 90 days will be automatically deleted from our systems. This measure ensures that data belonging to users who are no longer active within their respective organizations does not remain stored indefinitely.

Data Deletion Limitations

While Apgile is committed to enabling users to have their data deleted, it is important to note that data essential for operational, legal, or regulatory compliance may not be eligible for deletion. In such cases, users will be informed about the specifics of the data that cannot be deleted and the reasons for its retention.

Contact and Inquiries

Should you have any questions or require further clarification about our data deletion policy or any other privacy concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at [Contact Information]. We are dedicated to ensuring your data privacy and security and will make every effort to address your concerns.

Policy Updates

Apgile reserves the right to update this policy at any time. Users and managers will be notified of any significant changes to the data deletion policy through our website or directly via email.