Fully Configurable

Apgile app allows to configure independent applications for each venue. Effortlessly craft your apps with customizable call buttons, promotions, menus, and much more in minutes.

Let's work together

Any Business, any Venue, any Event. Apgile improves Customer Service and Revenue.

Powerful setup

With Apgile's progressive app, you can configure each venue with its features in minutes.

Include user IDs, messages, or just service call buttons. Customize each application with your images and logo. Apple's flexibility allows you to set up your applications based on each venue's needs.

Our unique toolset will allow you to include order items, multiple call buttons, promotions, links, and menus as needed, improving your customer service, boosting your revenue, and gaining powerful insights into the data generated on your operations.

Custom Call Buttons

Customize call buttons by the venue. Including personalized messages, call buttons, order items, links, and menus.

Custom Menus

Pop up different menus and set them up for each venue. Allow your customers to see your menus at any micro-location.

Order Items

Set up quick order items and allow your clients to select quantities in each venue. Customize the schedule availability.

Promotions & Menus

Include promotions and ads. Personalize the schedule availability for offers and promotions.

Customizable Call Buttons

Join forces with multiple call buttons and instant messaging. They will transform the way your teams collaborate. Be more productive and efficient, whether your teams work indoors or outdoors.

Create as many service call buttons as needed, customize the messages sent to your staff, and personalize buttons color and size. Discover a new way to service your customers while improving your staff performance.

Order items

With Apgile, you can include items to order and pre-set quantities and receive them in the staff's smartwatches with our instant messaging service.

Include in your app as many order items as needed and allow your customer to order from any micro-location in your venues. Indoors or outdoors.

Reduce operation costs, and increase service speed and customer satisfaction while tracking your team's efficiency and performance. Order items are a great tool to boost your revenue, effectively growing customer orders.

Promotions & Menus

Apgile app allows you to show promotions and menus and link them to your website. You can manage the time slots and locations when they will be available.

Apgile allows you to create unlimited promotions and limit them by days, hours, and locations, helping to increase revenue.

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